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Commonwealth Attorney Dave ChapmanWhen I became Commonwealth Attorney in 1994, I established a respected voice for the Commonwealth in Charlottesville’s courts. Since then I have led a prosecutor’s office that is characterized by integrity, respect for due process, and a progressive vision for our local criminal justice system. Under my leadership, the Office of Commonwealth Attorney for the City of Charlottesville has become one of the most respected in Virginia.

We have a proven record of fairness and effectiveness in complex cases and important criminal investigations. The experience and skill of my staff is matched by our commitment to improving our criminal justice system. If we are not the catalyst for a particular reform or innovation, then I make sure that we are always there to partner with other stakeholders to help shape the future direction of criminal justice in Charlottesville.

Over the past twenty years, Charlottesville and Albemarle County have become known for a collaborative and progressive approach to criminal justice reforms. We are recognized for the manner in which the leaders of local criminal justice agencies work together to improve outcomes in our cases for victims, offenders, and the community generally. My office has supported and participated in every effort to improve our criminal justice system through the incorporation of evidence-based practices. The Charlottesville/Albemarle Drug Court is a prime example of an evidence-based practice in action. I helped design and implement it in 1997.

Commonwealth Attorney Dave Chapman

Dave Chapman has been Commonwealth Attorney since 1994

In 2014 we will have a new judge in Circuit Court as a result of Judge Edward L. Hogshire’s anticipated retirement. Charlottesville has been well-served by his wisdom, vision, and compassion as a judge. It is imperative that the Office of Commonwealth Attorney maintain its status in the eyes of his successor as a trusted, knowledgeable, and balanced voice in court on behalf of the people of Charlottesville. This is exactly what I have achieved as your Commonwealth Attorney over the past twenty years.

I appreciate your support.

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